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Controlling the Distance of Your Putts

  • by ldgmag
By Rich O’Brien One of the most important things that a player must learn to do is be able to control the distance of their putts.  I use a slightly modified ladder drill to teach students how to putt that limits the variables of their putting stroke. From 1 foot away from the hole: Starting […]

Focusing on the Narrowest Possible Target to Make More Putts

  • by ldgmag
By Rich O’Brien Last month I wrote about how a player can calibrate their putting stroke and the power of a swing thought.  Now I will turn my focus on how a player can improve their putting by focusing on the narrowest possible target. Dr. Bob Rotella in his book, Golf is a Game of […]

Long Drive Guide

  • by ldgmag
Photos of Daniel Lambert and Buck Mayers Provided When I was asked to do a feature article for Long Drive Golf Magazine, I was humbled and excited to contribute! The information and data you will read here is solely based on my personal experiences in 3D studies over the last eight years.  What I have […]