Swing Strong Series Off  Season Training

It’s inevitable; the brisk breath of lady winter is approaching and for many of us that means the clubs are going into the closet. It’s a rinse and repeat cycle that always seems to end when you are starting to figure it all out. How do we get that hamster wheel to stop and change course. We give our minds the ability to STOP thinking about golf, the golf swing, swing plane, address, alignment, foot pressure, weight shift, sequencing, hand placement, grip pressure, etc, etc…. and our body’s the ability to rest, recover, and train for the new year. Regression in this case is the best place to start. For the past 5 months we have hit more balls than VJ Singh, we have walked our way over miles and miles of grassy terrain like Forrest Gump, and braved the blistering hot and bitter cold. In other words, we are trashed physically and mentally. This is my favorite time to reflect on the year prior and focus on preparing my body for raw sound of clanking iron, the sweet smell of rubber flooring, and the welcoming impairment of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Your first order of business… re-engage the core and lock it down. By turning back the clock a bit, slowing down, and focusing a lot of your time and energy on high tension anti-rotational core strengthening you will once again awaken the deconditioned muscles of deep core. Thus, increasing their recruitment and awareness for continued rotational strength training down the continuum. The stronger those muscles are against rotation the more efficient they will become in transferring rotational energy throughout the sequence. Opening the door for stronger more rotationally efficient locomotion. The following are 3 of my favorite exercises when it comes to anti-rotational training.

Kneeling Cable Anti-Rotational Isolated Press w/band resist – Place a mini band around the knees and kneel with your inside knee down on the ground. Place the cable at sternum height and with your knees spreading the band, posturing your glute tight, press the cable away from you. Draw the deep core in and fight rotation. The mini band will aid in activating the muscles of the lateral hip that in turn help to stabilize the pelvis during rotation.

Perform 3 sets of :20 -:30 holds each.

Kneeling Horizontal Pulls w/ Tempo Return – This exercise encompasses the principles of “eccentric loading builds strength”. Kneeling once again on one knee with your inside knee down and your body angled at 90 degrees from the cable tower pull the cable into your sternum. Press the cable away and slowly return to the starting position. Focus on drawing your deep core inwards placing emphasis on the oblique system in fighting rotation.
Perform 3 sets of 10 reps each side at a :03-:05 tempo return.

Golf Posture Tempo Triangle Turns – Place the cable over your right shoulder. Pull the cable to your chest and set up in golf posture. Maintaining your triangle rotate your torso so that your hands pass just beyond your lead hip and slowly return so that your triangle passes the trail hip, resisting rotation the whole way. Try hard to minimize lower body activity as much as possible to maximize core activity throughout the movement.
**Tip** If you have a hard time keep your lower body stable squeeze a medium size physioball between the knees
Perform 3 sets of 10 reps each side at a :03-:05 tempo return.

About the Author

Ryan Steenberg, BS, CSCS, TPI-3 is a certified golf strength and conditioning coach whose methodologies in training golf athletes stem from 13 years of experience in sports performance coaching. His clients include a number of high level junior, collegiate, and touring professionals. Ryan is currently ranked 8th in the World Long Drive Rankings. His status has brought an invitation to compete in the first event of the Long Drive World Series coming up March 17th in Dubai.
By Ryan Steenberg, written October 2016, Photos courtesy Golf Channel