Ryan Steenberg : It is in my blood to hit things as hard as humanly possibly

An Unlikely Beginning
Ryan Steenberg’s long drive career began in the most unlikely of fashions at the 2011 PGA Show when he visited the Krank Booth. The booth featured a golf simulator and he was invited to participate in an exhibition against three of the LDA top performers; Landon Gentry, Ryan Winther, and Kevin Shook. Ryan shocked everyone when he won the exhibition. Lance Reader, the President of Krank, signed Ryan on the spot.

Steenberg grew up in the Syracuse, NY where he was the ultimate athlete playing four sports; football, basketball, baseball, and track. But it was in football that he really excelled earning All-League honors at quarterback, kick returner, and safety.

He attended Ithaca College where he became the starting quarterback his sophomore season. At the start of his junior season he was beaten out for the starting quarterback position and rather than ride bench he changed positions to be able to help the team. He wound up playing linebacker and wedge buster on special teams.

While at Ithaca College he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. He later earned a Master’s Degree in Medical Fine Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology. He calls his artistic abilities his “hidden talent” as he is able to draw detailed pictures of the human body and its’ organs.

Ryan’s grandfather put a golf club in his hands at age three and it wasn’t long before he started playing the game. Despite never having a lesson, he quickly became a single digit handicap. He currently has a 3 handicap. Now living in Rochester, NY he the area a hidden gem for great golf with a multitude of Donald Ross courses in the area.

He always knew he was long off the tee, but he had no idea that he was among the world’s longest drivers. He began competing on the LDA circuit in 2011 and qualified for the World Championship for the next three seasons and reached the Final 16 in 2012. Another highlight was his victory in the 2013 Masters of Long Drive where he beat Tim Burke in the finals.

Ryan with his wife Ashleigh, and their two children Jackson (4) and Mila (1); photo provided.

4 Performance & The Twitch Trainer
In 2010, at the age of 27, he opened his first 2,700 sq/ft training studio and began the process of carving out a golf performance niche for himself. The studio happened to be adjoined to an indoor golf instructional facility allowing Steenberg to work alongside with like-minded golf and fitness professionals. In 2012 they partnered to create a state of the art 16,000 square foot training center which includes a gym, four indoor golf simulators, a physical therapy clinic, a chiropractic clinic, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy.

In the fall of 2012 he also began developing the revolutionary Twitch Trainer. Following the 2013 season he decided to step away from the sport of long drive and to concentrate on his growing business and the Twitch Trainer. For the next 2 ½ years he poured his heart and soul into designing, manufacturing, and bringing the Twitch Trainer to the market.

Back in the Game
The Twitch Trainer was introduced at the 2016 PGA Show. While at the PGA Show he hit on a simulator with some of his long drive friends. He had been so focused on developing the Twitch Trainer that he had not swung a golf club for nearly 18 months. But despite that fact, he put up some big numbers which he attributed to the Twitch Trainer. Bobby Peterson suggested that he should make another run at Long Drive.

During the Rockwell US Long Drive season he competed in five regular season events and recorded three top 12 finishes. His 4th place finish in Memphis qualified him for the World Championship in October.

The Big Stage
His goal for the 2017 World Championship was simply to be able to flash his smile on the big stage during the TV rounds. With wins over Brady Torbitt and Heath Johnson he had that opportunity. In the Round of 16 he continued his run by defeating Jason Eslinger. In the Quarterfinal he edged Justin Young 413 to 411. Then in the Semifinal match he defeated Justin James 416 to 410. Amazingly on the sport’s biggest stage he had advanced all the way to the finals; it was a surreal dream beyond anything he had ever imagined.

In the final he faced Joe Miller, the 2010 World Long Drive Champion. Ryan hit first and posted a drive of 412 yards. But, on that night, the Total Package was just too good for the field and he recorded a drive of 423 yards to claim his 2nd World Long Drive Championship. Steenberg received $50,000 for his 2nd place finish..

As a result of Ryan’s dream finish he leaped into the Top 10 in the World Long Drive Rankings. His new goal is to continue to create mayhem all the way to #1 in the rankings. Steenberg adds that he has at least 20 yards more left in him and a right to left ball flight. Steenberg added: “Long drive has a wedge busting mentality. It is in my blood to hit things as hard as humanly possibly.”