7 tips of core power golf by Kevin Hennenssy w / Jeff Crittenden

There are many different ways to improve someone’s golf game. At Core Power Golf, we focus on improving the body. The body is what makes the swing so, naturally, if you improve the functionality of your body, you will improve how you swing a golf club.

To generate a great golf swing, you must be able to create a specific force. This force must have power behind it while moving on a smooth plane. There are 3 key pieces to generating this kind of force for golf: Strength, Flexibility and Endurance. Improving strength will allow your body to generate more power that goes into your swing. Improving flexibility will allow the body to stay on one swing plane throughout the swing. Improving endurance will allow the golfer to recreate this great swing over and over again throughout a round of golf. Finding a proper program to improve these keys concepts will help you get closer to hitting the ball farther and dropping those scores. Here are a few other tips from our pros: Kevin Hennessy (Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science, TPI Certified) and Jeff Crittenden (9 Time World Long Drive Finalist and 3rd World Rank for Long Drive). Before you perform any of these moves, make sure to consult with your physician to avoid getting injured.

  1. Create or find a program that will help you improve your body.
    • Strengthen your weaknesses and maintain your strengths.
  2. Improve hip-torso separation.
    • Power comes from torque. Torque comes from the rotation of your upper half around your lower half. Try some exercises where you rotate your torso while keeping your feet planted and hips still.
  3. Perform some dry swings with a reverse grip (without hitting a ball).
    • Switching your hands will help you to perform a more natural movement with your arms and will help you create better lag with your hands and wrists. Perform 15-20 swings with this grip before swinging your driver on the range.
  4. Loosen up the swinging muscles before a round of golf.
    • Swinging a golf club is a full body movement. Getting loose before golf will make it easier to perform a good golf swing and will lessen the chances of getting injured while playing.
  5. Work those fast twitch muscles in the gym.
    • When you train slow/light movements in the gym, you train your slow-twitch muscle fibers to work more which will teach your body to move more slowly. Training with heavy weight for fewer reps will train your fast-twitch muscle fibers to work harder which will allow your body to swing with more power and speed.
  6. Lead with the hips and avoid being “Over the top”.
    • Leading with the hips to start the downswing will force the right shoulder to follow a more downward path thus raising the left shoulder and moving the impact to a more inside point on the ball. Make this adjustment to avoid hitting a slice.
  7. Lose tension for optimal distance
    • When tension comes into the golf swing, it can slow the muscles, decrease accuracy, and lessen the speed of the ball. A golfer’s arms should be able to freely move and rotate while maintaining a firm grip on the club.

Finding a program that will help you improve your body is very important. Core Power Golf is a phone app that you can download for free on Apple Products. Downloading this app will give you proper warm-ups to perform before a round of golf. If you upgrade to the premium membership, you will get workouts and drills taught by Long Drive Professionals and Golf Professionals from Golf Digest Top 40 under 40 list. If you are not sure what order to perform the exercises at the gym, go to the “Premade” section within the app and follow those workouts. If you do not have Apple products, go to Core Power Golf on Youtube and watch some of the videos for free! We will be adding more videos all summer which will include other Long Drivers and Golf Professionals. Earn the low scores in the gym and at the range!