1. How did your international fitness and modeling career help prepare you for your current role?

My career in fitness and modeling has helped me tremendously as I‘ve had the privilege of representing New Zealand and international brands on the world stage. Anyone that has had the privilege of representing their country knows the responsibility that comes with that.


  1. How did you become interested in the sport of Long Drive?

My interest in the sport of Long Drive came after the request to showcase Maurice Allen and Frederik Frost at a Celebrity Golf Day in April of 2016. When I saw these athletes showcase their talent I instantly fell in love with long drive. I also realized that no one was  promoting the sport in New Zealand.


  1. As an agent, please let our reader’s who you are representing.

I am representing 18 long drivers from four continents including some of the biggest stars in the sport. First, I represent the twelve members of the New Zealand National Team (the Long Blacks). This includes Sam Jones (national champion) and Iain Dick (South Island champion). Additionally, I represent six international players from Europe, Africa, and the United States including Alex Robertson and, Bradley Pearmain of the United Kingdom, German Bomber Timo Petrasch, Ilija Djurdjevic of Serbia, Gabriel Le Roux  of South Africa, and Anthony Thomas of the United States.


  1. The success of any organization depends largely on the strength of the team assembled. Please introduce the IGANZ team and how they are helping to grow the game down under.

The Long Blacks are a force and my inspiration. Grant Nicholas is our operations manager and has been my rock from day one. He has brought tremendous insight the golf industry and has travelled to every event to ensure things run smoothly. Dave Worsley, our Media Manager, is also well-respected in PR and has also been with IGANZ from day one. A recent addition to our team is Jason Atkins, the Australian Long Drive Champion, and he will assist us with events in Australia.

  1. What are your goals for the sport?

IGANZ goals for the sport of Long Drive is to grow the sport not only in Australasia, but worldwide. I believe there are infinite possibilities.


  1. Tell us about IGANZ’s 2018 International schedule of events.

We are very excited for the 2018 season! Here are some of our highlights.  Our season starts with the with the New Zealand Long Drive Championship and Open. International players are welcome to compete in the Open Division and the winners will earn their spots in the World Long Drive Finals. We will be introducing the Pacific Rim Series which will be held on June 9th on the Cook Islands.  Finally, the 2018 Trans-Tasman Clash will be hosted in Auckland in December.

Here is our 2018 IGANZ Schedule


Eligibility Dates


South Island Champs*

NZ residents 11th March Clearwater Golf Resort, Christchurch, NZ

North Island Champs*

NZ residents 24th March

Omaha Beach Golf Club, Auckland, NZ

NZ Long Drive Open

International Registration 25th March

Omaha Beach Golf Club, Auckland, NZ

IGANZ Australian Championship

Australian residents 12th & 13th April

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club, NSW

Pacific Rim Series

International Registration 9th June

Rarotonga Golf Club, Cook Islands

IGANZ  Classic

International  Registration 4th November

Remuera Golf Club, Auckland, NZ

Global Infinity Series **

International Registration 16th & 17th November


Trans-Tasman Clash NZ vs AU  16th December

Kinloch, Taupo, NZ  

* North vs South Champs will playoff for National Title on 25th March and represent NZ at the WORLDS

** Winner from NZ Long Drive Open will be sent to the WORLDS

*** Biggest event for IGANZ calendar – International OPEN ( Announced late February with LDG Mag )


  1. If a potential long driver wants to participate how do they register for the events?

If an individual wants to participate in IGANZ Long Drive event they can register for the event(s) at ttps://iganz.co.nz . Some of the events are open to international players, while the National Championships of New Zealand and Australia will be limited residents of their respective nation.


  1. What sponsorship opportunities are available for the IGANZ International Long Drive series?

If anyone would like to sponsor the IGANZ International Long Drive Series or one of the events, there are many sponsorship levels available.  To begin a discussion, visit our website at​ ​https://iganz.co.nz/contact in subject line write sponsor. ​