Keeping Balance And Stability In Your Diet … Not Just Your Golf Swing 

Golf has come an extremely long way. We have amazing technology that allows us to collect data on monitors like Track Man and Flight Scope. We have very experienced trainers and knowledgeable coaches available to help us peak and reach our highest level of performance in time for competition. Many elite athletes tailor their training to their sport, and golfers of all levels have been following suit, doing similar styles of training making their training golf specific.

The best technology, training and coaching is optimal but if we also don’t monitor our nutrition we won’t perform well. Similar to a fast car with bad fuel. Nutrition is such a broad topic and many golfers seek a sports nutritionists’ guidance to make their diets specific for them and their goals. Not everyone has that availability so hope some of this information will help you for this season.

Let’s focus on one growing area that many athletes can relate to-amateurs and professionals alike. Super foods! Superfoods have been gaining increasing popularity over the last few years. Let’s break it down and see what some of those are and why they are important to us as both Long Drive hitters and Golfers.

A key sub category of super foods are super fats, and they are super important. If you are not into cold water fish like salmon and sardines, other super fats include eggs, almonds, avocado, flax seed and Chia seeds. Start your day with a healthy blend of highly digestible carbohydrates, protein and fat. You want to step up to the tee with your engine running, ready to step on the gas, feeling fueled and ready to go. Research has shown, if the body can’t digest what we eat that it can hinder performance. This is very important with any sport but especially for Long Drive Professionals where in competition you are timed and every ball is hit with maximum speed. Feeling full and sluggish because of putting the wrong fuel in our bodies is not going to help us gain distance off the tee.

Here is a fantastic quote I recently read in a article written by K.C. Craichy, Founder of Living Fuel

“Think about it like this: Tournament golfers have the option of carrying 14 clubs in their golf bag during a competition. Likewise science has identified 50+ essential nutrients that the human body must have in order to function at its peak. A competitive golfer would never tee it up with less than 14 clubs in their bag because they would be at a competitive disadvantage, so why would they want to knowingly play with less than 50 essential nutrients in their diet.”

By eating a balanced meal prior to competition it helps maintain a steady blood sugar which aids in maintaining focus and concentration. Avoid high glycemic and refined carbohydrates. Hydration is also just as important as the food we fuel ourselves with. There are thousands of research studies that suggest maintaining blood sugar and staying hydrated improves mental clarity and enhances performance.

Prior to competition especially when your game or event is in a hot humid environment-hydrate days in advance and maintain that hydration even while competing. There are numerous electrolyte drinks on the market but take note when choosing one, that it contains sodium. An important electrolyte we become depleted of quickly when sweating, if we don’t stay hydrated. A simple rule of thumb is if you are running to pee a lot, it may not always be butterflies and nerves…it’s a good sign you are hydrated!

Refueling after a competition is just as important as how you plan your nutrition before an event. A post competition meal should be balanced in carbohydrates, protein, fluids and antioxidants, to help your body recover and recharge.
Check out this nutrient packed recipe Ben Crane mixes up, he calls it C.A.B.A.L.A.
juice. Carrot, apple, beets, apple, lemon, apple. Definitely refreshing and an easy digestible juice to start the morning.

I would suggest consulting with a sports nutritionist in your area to assist you in getting your nutrition on the right track. In the end, keep your nutrition as stable and balanced as possible, make good choices in your selections when you pass the snack bar, or even better yet, bring your own nutritious food with you to help you perform at your highest level.

Michelle Sheptak is our spokeswoman for Long Drive Golf Magazine. Three-time member of Team Canada-International Long Drive Challenge and Three- time World Long Drive Championships competitor. She is also a member of One Stop Power Shop. Michelle is an avid surfer and a nurse of 20 years.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her website as she prepares for her 8th year of competition in Long Drive. With no age division in the Ladies Long Drive competitions, she is one of the Vets on the grid, and enjoys the competition against all the Ladies, especially welcoming the newcomers and rookies to the tee. She is the #GIRLONTHEGRID

by : Michelle Sheptak